i'm in the text-post fandom

that awkward moment when you’re still writing college essays because you hate everything you write within five days of writing it and have to write a new essay for your new apps

I just finished the first draft of one about playing music in an orchestra and it’s a metaphor and things and now all I can do is listen to is classical music.

contrary to popular belief even people who play classical music all the time don’t often listen to classical music but they often have some in their iTunes libraries because otherwise they feel like failures at life.

I don’t think I have a single piece by Mozart in here WHOOPS I only really like people from the Romantic era onward :c

feelin’ so classy

stravinsky, mussorgsky, tchaikovsky, beethoven, holst are my homeboys

and eric whitacre because shut up he’s beautiful in every way

I should really come up with a systematic way to tag my posts

and by saying that this has become “profound lack of focus”-worthy